Agua, Aereo e Montanhas

Water, Air and Mountains


Discover the most beautiful sights of Madeira. Unique perspectives from the air, the ocean and over the mountains along the famous levadas present unforgettable impressions of the natural wonders of the evergreen atlantic garden island.


On the water:
Lobosonda Madeira Whale Watching, Calheta Marina
Claudia and Rafael Gomez offer boat trips to the whales, dolphins, turtles and sea birds along Madeiras coastlines and follow a safe and sustainable model with an experienced team of scientists. The website provides best information about the marine life around Madeira. In fascinating pictures Lobosonda show precious moments with the marine animals and point to the protection of the unique wildlife they have been caring for many years.

From the air:

Ivan Hamitov Drone Videos - Youtube Channel


The impressive videos show the beauty and diversity of Madeira from an unusual perspective - taken with a DJI Phantom 3 drone from the air. Spectacular aerial shots will give you a ride over the rooftops of Funchal, the Gabo Girao cliff or over the beach of Machico. Incomparable is also the stunning New Year fireworks at the bay of Funchal. Just enjoy it and be amazed!

Over the mountains:

walkme madeira


The interesting hiking app developed by software specialists and enthusiastic hikers the University of Madeira, is an up to date alternative to printed hiking maps. The offline navigation can be downloaded to iPads or cell phones providing detailed route descriptions, beautiful landscape images and a lot of helpful information about the particularities and challenges of the famous hiking trails along the levadas on Madeira.