Welcome to Madeira



The Portuguese Atlantic island is diverse, safe, politically stable and easy to reach. It offers a year round pleasant climate, an excellent infrastructure, friendly people and an impressive culture.


Madeira is located approximately 900 km southwest of the European continent in the Atlantic Ocean between the Canary Islands and the Azores. The 60 x 30 km wide island has a wonderful subtropical climate and a breathtaking scenery. It is called the “floating garden of the Atlantic”, which rises with the Pico Ruivo 1861m from the sea level. With the neighbouring island of Porto Santo with its long sandy beach, Madeira belongs to the archipelago of the Macaronesian “happiness blessed” islands.


Madeira promises bright sky and blue sea and everything between, with unlimited ocean views, impressive mountains and valleys, a fantastic flora and a number of other exceptional highlights like beautiful parks and gardens with exotic flowers, spectacular seascapes with rugged towering cliffs and rock pools, to historic villages in idyllic valleys and magnificent views to the steep mountains, whose peaks catch water from the life-giving clouds, making Madeira so fruitful. There is no comparable place in the world.