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"A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step."

                                                                                                                                                                                           Lao Tse

Blue Bay Finest Homes is your service partner for real estate on Madeira:


In the most beautiful regions of the island we are looking for comfortable Quintas and Villas, beautiful apartments or well-located building plots - exactly according to your preferences.

We cooperate locally with a network of reliable partners such as construction experts, banks, lawyers, notaries, architects, craftsmen, housekeeper and property management companies and prevent you from the typical obstacles on an investment in a foreign country.


Madeira's open real estate market:


Unlike Germany, Madeira has an open real estate market. The majority of the properties offered on the island can be brokered by any agency. For you as a customer this means that you only need to contact the agency you trust, who will look after you with all properties that you are interested in and accompany you on all site visits. With Blue Bay Finest Homes Madeira you have your partner for all matters and save a lot of time to enjoy your stay on the island.

Consulting is our first priority, because your wishes are our premises:


Our work starts with a detailed analysis of your ideas and a specially tailored selection of interesting properties according to your choice. The joint coordination and the careful preparation of your inspection trip to Madeira is especially important to us - to save time for a relaxing stay on the island. And if we have found your perfect home, our after sales service will guide you with special hints and helpful information on how to quickly settle down on Madeira.


Contact us without obligation for an introducing conversation. We advise you on the special features in buying a property on Madeira and assist you throughout the process with support and practical help. The services offered by Blue Bay Madeira is free of charge for you. Only when selling a property the customary brokerage fees (6,1% incl. 22% VAT from selling price) is being charged by our portuguese partner, which on Madeira is usually borne by the seller.